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TranslateCI makes translating your Shopify app as easy as pushing to Git so you can win merchants from every market on Earth.

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“With Jack and TranslateCI we got Checkout Links translated to 10 different languages with ease - and started seeing installs from new markets within the first 24 hours!”

Everything you need

With TranslateCI

The TranslateCI team (me, hi!) has spent sooo much time thinking about translating Shopify apps. That means we'll take the boring, frustrating parts of localization and let you concentrate on growing your app.

Reach more markets
Shopify is global. If you're not reaching merchants outside predominantly English speaking countries, you're missing out on an opportunity to grow your app.
Push to Git to translate
We keep your app translations updated and in sync. Whenever you push new code with updated or new text, we'll take care of the translations automatically.
Dip your toes in or go all in
Choose from fast, cheap GPT-powered translations or nuanced, professional human translations.
Manage your app listing
TranslateCI was built for Shopify app developers. That means we'll handle your listing too. We can translate while staying within character limits and monitor it for updates.


Speak your customer's language.

Forget about juggling a bunch of tools, hiring translators and struggling to keep everything up to date. Just push your code. We'll take care of the rest.

See how it works in 2 minutes flat:

Your app listing translated and monitored.

TranslateCI makes it easy to translate your app listing into every language Shopify supports. And we monitor your listing so that any time you make an update, the update is automatically translated into your chosen languages.

Let TranslateCI handle your app listing
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Okendo Logo

“I really appreciate the extra mile you've gone to help us get this workflow happening for us. It is really valuable to the way we develop software and has helped our processes and workflow greatly.”

Tom Fulcher
Principal Software Engineer, Okendo

Meet your new workflow

The longer developers spend outside of their zone of genius, the more it costs you. TranslateCI lets you focus on what you do best: building your app.

Before TranslateCI
  • Push a new feature to Git
  • Paste your new translations into a spreadsheet
  • Hire a translator to translate your spreadsheet
  • Convert the spreadsheet to a translation file
  • Commit the new translation file to Git
  • Test and deploy
  • Oh wow, it's the end of the day and you've been messing around with translations all day.
After TranslateCI
  • Push a new feature to Git
  • TranslateCI makes a PR with new translations
  • Test and deploy
  • Rest easy

It just works

Just push your code. We'll keep everything updated for you.

No more spreadsheet columns. No more checking in with translators. No more project management tools. No more begging your friend who took 3 years of French to help you out. But you're not really sure if they're doing it right and then how do I turn this CSV into a JSON file anyway?

Keep your app translations up to date
TranslateCI doesn't just handle the initial translation for your app. We keep it up-to-date too. Anytime you push an update for your app, we'll automatically translate it into your chosen languages.
JSON, YAML, PO, no problem!
TranslateCI supports all of the formats that you use to store your translations. You'll never have to copy and paste from a spreadsheet again.
You're in control
TranslateCI's simple interface gives you total control over your translations. All translations are fully editable, and you can trigger new pull requests at any time.
Choose your translator
Fast and cheap GPT-powered translations, or nuanced and professional human translations. The choice is yours!

Translation is a secret weapon for app store competition

Translating your app doesn't just increase your MRR.

  • It makes your customers feel seen
  • It's also an app store ranking signal
  • It increases your review velocity
  • It increases your SEO visibility
  • It unlocks country-specific feature pages in the Shopify app store


Plans to help any app take on the world

Whether you're just getting started or you have thousands of merchants, we have a plan for you.

AI Translations

$99 /month

Just getting started with translation? Want a fast, cost-effective way to see the impact translating your app has? Then go for AI translations.

  • GPT-powered translations
  • Translate up to 10,000 words per month
  • Translations automatically updated and synced
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Human translations

$279 /month

Already know the value of translation and have customers that expect the highest possible quality? Professional human translations are the way to go!

  • Professional human translators assigned to your projects
  • 300 included words per month. $.29 per additional word
  • Translations automatically updated and synced
  • Custom integrations
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Proudly bootstrapped

I'm here to help

TranslateCI is a company of one. That means when you reach out to support, you'll be talking directly to the founder. My name is Jack, I'm a developer, and I want to help you localize your app.